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  DNS PE Limited partnership LTD. SC

Mail name@domain.name

E-mail the collection place of drawers altogether (MB) optionally can be divided between the drawers   100 200 400 800
E-mail the number of drawers (packet contains / at worst)   6/6 10/19 20/30 unlimitted
POP3 and IMAP achievement, web mail   yes yes yes yes
Admin surface the forward / alias onto the setting of titles   2/5 2/5 5/10 unlimitted
Automatic virus and spam filtration   yes yes yes yes
Data rescue 12 clocks (!)   yes yes yes yes
SMTP server onto a request   in case of a claim
SSL safe contact, certified SSL tanusítvánnyal   yes yes yes yes

Host http://domain.name vagy www.domain.name **

Collection place (MB)   100 200 400 800
(e-mail in addition to collection place)   yes yes yes yes
PHP, PERL, FTP   yes yes yes yes
MySQL (database handler) optionally PostgreSQL   yes yes yes yes
phpMyAdmin (https-el certified SSL tanusítvánnyal)   yes yes yes yes
Aldomain (pl.:valami.domain.név)   4db 6db 10db unlimitted
Traffic statistics (2 féle)   yes yes yes yes
Data rescue 24 clocks   yes yes yes yes
password sides   yes yes yes yes
https achievement   yes yes yes yes

Other services in the packet

Primary and secondary DNA yes yes yes yes yes
Domain maintenance yes yes yes yes yes

Domain registration prize (Ft+áfa)

Domain registration (.hu) - onetime prize 5000 4500 4000 3500 free
Domain registration (.com, .net, .org) - onetime prize 5500 5500 5500 4500 free
Domain registering 3000 3000 2500 2000 free

WEB-HOSTING prize (Ft+áfa)

Year hosting prize in a sum owing (first year) 5500 12500 18000 29000 50000
With 2 year contracts (the 1. and in 2. year identical prize) 1 year hosting prize paying in a sum (10% discount from the minimum charge) 4950 11250 16250 26100 45000
With 2 year contracts 2 year hosting prize egyösszegben paying, onto 2 years (15%-os discount) 4675 10625 15300 24650 42500
Packet during a year the excess fare of change in addition to the difference 3500

Our prices are valid until withdrawal.


*DNS DNS1 and DNS2 service + domain in case of maintenance, a claim domain redirection.
** in case of a claim the web collection place e-mail collection place concerned web collection place e-mail collection place cinvertible.

A domain is necessary to a registration documents (on a fax / in an e-mail or the form of a letter):

  • the selected domain name
  • a piece of working e-mail title
  • a piece of phone number
  • In case of a private person: declaration from the number of an identity card and citizenship, two tanuval authenticated
  • In case of a firm: order of the court of registration from an entry you are a firm abstract and specimen of signature
  • In case of claimant change original resignation statement two tanuval authenticated necessary!

May check that a certain domain is a name clicking on the undermentioned link he is registered already, his registration began already concerned.


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