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Our firm's capital profile the full informatics network's development from the plain one until the complicated one, and the supervision of these systems, his maintenance. To the network the purchase of a necessary machine park elvégezzük,(the machines brought by us represent the quality). The fast but neglectful, uncontrolled work is not our aim. We pay attention to it, that consulting with you, supplied with vocational councils, let us supply it with a reliable, machine park operating certainly, and that way, that let his network work well. It Infohír limited partnership. would like to favour you with his informatics service primarily, but webhosting provides a service in addition to this, domain and e-mail and it is related to these with the full circle of activities, and Web design with a service.

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Our company clients' part:

  • Little- and the planning of big undertakings' networks, his development, his setup
  • Networks' operation, his maintenance in a flat-rated or system paid by the hour
  • The supply of system administrator tasks
  • For the mistakes of information technology devices the insurance of his exploration, his averting, reserve devices
  • The averting of usual office problems ( office, internet, correspondence, stb )
  • The setup of softwares, his operation, expert advice
  • Archiving and data rescue tasks the forming of his accomplishment, a rescue system
  • Hardware for the purchase of devices joining his transaction, new devices to a system
  • The realization of servers with bugdet, own building, his operation
  • The forming of a little and medium corporate intranet, his operation
    • Own correspondent server ...@cégnév.hu own unlimitted No. e-mail with drawers
    • Own Webmail (from anywhere we may reach our mailing system where there is internet!)
    • File server function, which we may reach safely and regulated from a distance, (even from home we may work on the inner office network)
    • Electronic fax server ( fax reception in an e-mail, onto a printer, sending from a computer)
    • Central virus search, which defends the server and the computers fastened into the network,

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Informatics, IT

Informatics safety

The safety of the informatics systems, the suitable protection of the data, the regulation of getting at them get a bigger emphasis for one and his limitation...

Virus protection and firewalls

The data stored in the informatics systems not it is necessary to protect it from the unauthorized accesses and other inner dangers only, but because of the exterior attacks. One of the largest sources of danger of the soundness of the systems and the data the virus infections harm caused by...

Data rescue, archiving, data restoration

Our Suns not the computer hardware, or the bought and installed programs, but the data stored on the computer represent the largest value. Everybody does not devote proper attention and energy to the protection of these data even today on a unfortunate manner, realises the truth of the above statement then only, when it's too late...

Informatics expert advice and system design

All the forming of the new systems, you are all the extension of the existing informatics system in case of his modernisation essential the existence of the suitable expertise and the up-to-date informations...

Operation, system supervision, distance supervision

His condition which cannot be released for the insurance of the informatics systems, keeping him on a high level the constant or periodical supervision of the operation with a suitable level, the working systems...

Maintenance and service services, special debugging

To the insurance of the function of the informatics systems not there is need for the system administrator and operator works with a suitable level only. The devices themselves demand the regular supervision...

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E-mail: E-mail the collection place of drawers altogether (MB) optionally can be divided between the drawers; e-mail the number of drawers (packet contains / at worst); POP3 and IMAP achievement, web mail; Admin surface the forward / alias onto the setting of titles; Automatic virus and spam filtration; data rescue 12 clocks (!) SMTP server onto a request; SSL safe contact, certified SSL tanusítvánnyal...

Webhost collection place (MB); (e-mail in addition to collection place); php, Perl, FTP; MySQL (database handler) optionally PostgreSQL ; phpMyAdmin (https-el certified SSL tanusítvánnyal) aldomain (pl.:valami.domain.név) traffic statistics (2 féle); data rescue 24 clocks; password sides; https achievement; primary and secondary DNA; domain maintenance; domain registration (.hu,.com, .net, .org) - onetime prize; domain registering; *DNS DNS1 and DNS2 service + domain in case of maintenance, a claim domain redirection; in case of a claim the web collection place e-mail collection place concerned web collection place e-mail collection place cinvertible.

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Web design

We deal with the making of Web design since 2000, meeting the requirements based on the feedbacks of our clients until now. The design with himself, that is the making of the creative things, objects, creations already much once nearly 15 of his years deal.

Our Internet services micro- and for small enterprises, and we recommend it to private persons mostly.

In as much elects us we can recommend the successors:

-webdesignn: we solve it, that his web page attractive, after all plain and easily can be interpreted so be it, only it radiates for the ones visiting Ön side that he finds everything quickly, easily and a lot receive information from the given product, a creation, a service.

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The good informatics system

Stable important one, that let the system work in 24 of the clocks of the day, on the 7 days of the week, because the unstable informatics background goes onto the incision of the work and the productivity.

His data rescue regular, automated A to the protection of a firm's intellectual capital essential the continuous data rescue! The agreements, the deficiency of the rescue of book-keeping programs, softwares, confidential partner correspondences may cause material loss.

Documented lacking the ordered, refreshed, clear documentation tracked continuously the current system problems, hardware-, software development claims, system extension tasks clumsily, and disproportionally under much time achievable.

Important one cut to fit a firm, that the informatics background of all processes, the felhasználó(k) let him work tailored to his claims, exploiting all of the informatics opportunities, contrary in a case an inapposite server, may cause anti-virus enormous losses portrayed badly.

Safe A SPAM-ek, unsolicited letters, infected web pages and the system has to defend itself against other pests in the possible most efficient one, the full system consists in separate one defencelessly the potential information-, data losing, you are opposite spy programs.

A productive informatics system which can be reached from a distance not only has to work inside the office's walls effectively. The personal letters can be called in, the documents of the current projectek available apart from the office.

The informatics system of all firms which can be developed requires the opportunity of the constant improvability. Like this essential, that the informatics system expandable, shapable, let him be mouldable.

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