IT - informatics, system supervision

It Infohír limited partnership. it provides an overall service to his clients because of the claims arising until the introduction of new systems at all times, and in the support of the activities after the introduction. We laid a big emphasis on the clients' high-level service.

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Informatics safety

The safety of the informatics systems, the suitable protection of the data, the regulation of getting at them get a bigger emphasis for one and his limitation.

  • IT is connected to safety counsel
  • IT safety audit
  • Risk analysis
  • IT the forming of a safety policy
  • Informatics Safety policy completion
  • The forming of safe informatics systems

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Virus protection, firewalls

The data stored in the informatics systems not it is necessary to protect it from the unauthorized accesses and other inner dangers only, but because of the exterior attacks. One of the largest sources of danger of the soundness of the systems and the data the virus infections harm caused by.

  • The survey of the system
  • Proposal onto a virus protection solution adjusting the best
  • The setup of the suitable virus protection solution
  • Up-to-date supervision's insurance

For the wide-ranging usage of the internet but likewise has his own dangers, against which it is necessary to base the defence on the application of the suitable defensive devices,. The selection of the suitable defensive system it is necessary to take it into consideration the to defend the circle of desired devices and data and his value, the possible risks, and to select the suitable defensive solutions based on these. These his capital groups the different firewalls, proxy servers, penetration sensors and other defensive devices.

  • Consultation and counsel
  • The selection of the suitable defensive solution
  • The transport of firewalls and other defensive devices
  • The operation of firewalls and his supervision

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Data rescue, archiving, data restoration

Our Suns not the computer hardware, or the bought and installed programs, but the data stored on the computer represent the largest value. Everybody does not devote proper attention and energy to the protection of these data even today on a unfortunate manner, realises the truth of the above statement then only, when it's too late. It Infohír limited partnership. not it offers solution opportunities for the rescue of data and his archiving for his clients only, but stands for a provision when the trouble occurred already. We are at our clients' service with the undermentioned services among a data rescue and archiving:

  • Consultation and counsel
  • The planning of a rescue and archiving system
  • The selection of the suitable resource and his transport
  • Rescue and archiving systems onto a body his configuring, his operation and his supervision cut
  • The transfer of devices onto the partial or full solution of the informatics tasks
  • The transfer of applications
  • The development of customized applications
  • You are the insurance of human resources, partial one in full time
  • The support of the local informatics with affiliated specialists' or devices' help
  • A full informatics operation's insurance

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Informatics expert advice and system design

All the forming of the new systems, you are all the extension of the existing informatics system in case of his modernisation essential the existence of the suitable expertise and the up-to-date informations.

  • Local and extensive networks
  • Wired and cordless communication
  • Windows, Linux and NetWare platform
  • The planning of new systems and his introduction
  • The optimisation of existing systems
  • An informatics operation's forming, his optimisation

We offer our undermentioned services in case of the forming of the new systems or the modernisation of the existing ones:

  • The survey of a consultation and the claims
  • The selection of an optimal resource and his reduction
  • Installing devices and his configuring
  • The setup of applications and his configuring
  • Education and introduction


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Operation, system supervision, distance supervision

His condition which cannot be released for the insurance of the informatics systems, keeping him on a high level is the constant or periodical supervision of the operation with a suitable level, the working systems.

  • Regular (weekly-monthly fixed occasion) appearance you are continuous presence
  • The development of a distance supervision system and his operating
  • Monthly clock framework
  • In an extraordinary case it's urgent (2-4 clocks) appearance
  • The accomplishment of system administrator tasks
  • The accomplishment of operator tasks
  • The support of users' work

The system supervisory and system administrator services for the actual configuration of the informatics system and we all offer it distance supervision with personal appearance, all in the function of the communicational opportunities.

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Maintenance and service services, special debugging

To the insurance of the function of the informatics systems not there is need for the system administrator and operator works with a suitable level only. The devices themselves demand the regular supervision.

  • The accomplishment of planned antecedent maintenances
  • Onto an average, year provision the insurance of a position level
  • Debugging, standing for a provision according to a claim
  • Hardware with a guaranteed deadline correction, you are an exchange
  • The the correction of devices broke down
  • To the debugging necessary component the continuous insurance of a base
  • The original state is his restoration following fixing device.
  • After debugging the examination of the full system

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